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Born to make the Gas Smart Metering simple, effective, reliable and economical

MeterLinq quickly realizes your Gas Smart Metering solution.

From a small-scale experimentation to a massive roll-out, in a simple, practical, effective, safe and cheap way.

Our  “full service” solution is based on:

  • a dedicated wireless LPWAN infrastructure, with the most effective and proven technology LPWA
  • a network designed through the verification of the coverage of 169 MHz gateways in the field and the reachability of smart meters, thanks to a tool-patented simulator
  • the development of metrics for the management of remote reading network: dynamic management of power transmission, redundancy gateway, traffic flow model uplink / downlink, firmware update over-the-air, the valve control …
  • a Regulation Authority system for authentication and encryption keys
  • API to connect to the IoT platform and integrate with business processes: NOC and SAC provided by MeterLinq connect through web services to existing business systems.

Gas smart metering solution from testing to roll out

Our Gas Smart Metering solution is well established: it was awarded as Best Innovation 2014 event H2O of Bologna and implemented experimentally in Amgas Bari in 2015. It is now in the phase of massive roll out in various parts of Italy.

The excellent performance obtained after 18 months of operation at AMGAS Bari have aroused the interest the numerous events in the energy sector:

  • overall availability of the network > 99.999% (carrier grade)
  • average daily data notifications: > 2
  • actual concentration ratio: 1:1: 150 ÷ 350 in urban environments
  • average redundancy factor: ≈ 2.2
  • average duration of an OTA firmware upgrade: 5 days

MeterNet simplifies all the specific activities of the remote reading and management system, network synchronization, encryption key management, dissemination firmware updates, secure backup of readings and events, supply management, etc.

RPMA - An exclusive LPWA network technology for advanced metering infrastructure

The heart of our solution is MeterNet: a Low Power Wide Area Network specifically designed to meet application requirements for Gas Smart Metering.

MeterNet allows the simultaneous use of different and optimized networking technologies: RPMA, wMBUS @ 169 MHz, 2G-3G-4G, copper and fiber optic wired for maximum design freedom. Among these, MeterLinq has also helped Ingenu to develop the RPMA technology and is exclusively licensed to Italy.

MeterNet complies with technical standards and levels of service provided by the Italian Authority for Energy and Gas (AEEGSI) resolutions for gas smart metering. It is also designed to handle well water, heating, street lighting, parking and many other “smart” services.

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