Equipment for telemonitoring with RPMA networks

Konwpt Wireless Monitoring equipment

Wireless pressure transmitter is device for pressure sensing of oil and gas pipelines and part of wireless monitoring system.

KONWPT monitors pipelines pressure and transmit data to the central system. Data is sent over 2,4 ghz wireless radio link to access points.

KONWPT provides straightforward pressure monitoring funtionality. In addition to pressure information, KONWPT transmits battery condition status, time tag of measurement and different configurable alarms.

KONRTU is a remote terminal Input Output Unit, a cost efficient, configurable microprocessor-controlled device that interfaces objects in the phisycal world to a distributed control system by transmitting telemetry data and by executing control commands received from master system.

Large amount of configurable and isolated process interfaces allow connecting to various kinds of process values and at the same time easily meeting different filed installation requirements